5 Best typing Games online for KIDS / Improve typing Speed Free Online

Online typing games – Now-a-days, there’s hardly any kid who doesn’t know how to operate gadgets, computers and  smartphones . How about making these smart kids develop useful skills such as typing? Good idea! Isn’t it? Have a look at best 5 online typing games that can help kids as well as students learn typing with fun.

Best Typing Games for Students to Learn Typing Fast

Big Brown Bear

Big Brown Bear is an interactive game cum touch-type teaching online exercise that gradually makes the learner get accustomed to use of keyboard and improve typing speed. 

The game begins with teaching basic key control and commands followed by increment in difficulty levels as per the progress of the learner.

It helps kids to use correct fingers for respective keys along with efficient finger movements and navigations over keyboard for fast typing.


This online typing game offers free training to improve typing skills of the learners.

It has several other attribute such as Typing Test to check the progress of the learners, Typing Competition that makes learning interesting and Typing Practice to help beginners steadily improve typing skills.

The games is extremely user friendly and its latest version is available as App for mobile phones and tablets to enable learners access game any time anywhere that too free of cost.

Official Link : Click Here

Free Typing Game

This typing game is more likely to be liked by children as its theme is set that way. The game shows several frogs whose diet is ‘letters’ and ‘words’.

And the aim of the player is to type the displayed words and letters as fast as he can so as to stop the frogs from swallowing them.

It’s a fun based teaching game that ultimately trains the learner to press write keys for displayed words in no time which undoubtedly contributes to improvement in typing skills.

Official Site : link 


This is an amazing web tool to learn touch typing. The application makes learners type words without looking at the keyboard (or using sense of sight) which makes them remember the position of keys on keyboards and as the developers say, the muscle memory will ten remember the navigation of fingers over the keyboard to assure speedy and accurate typing after complete training.

Official site : Click here

Type Racer

This is one of the most popular online typing game that hits the favourites list of students, especially boys since it involves car racing.

Players need to type words fast so as to keep the car moving on the race track against live opponent racers.

It asks learners to type quotes from moves, songs and books. And the car of the player with the fastest and most accurate typing travels maximum distance in less time and wins the race.

Official Site : click here

Hope we have covered good list of online typing games for students to make them learn typing very fast.

If we missed out any other top online typing game,then please do let us know in the comments section

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