One Tool That Helps Drive Traffic To My Blog With Pinterest

One Tool That Helps Drive Traffic To My Blog With Pinterest. Have I told you that Pinterest has been my no. 1 source of referral traffic to my blog? Oh, I think I have, multiple times. Right? I love that I can spend so much time on Pinterest while looking for recipes, browsing through my favorite outfits and pinning diy and craft projects to do with my little one.

And I don’t even feel guilty while doing all this.

Although my Sister always gimme that look, whenever I am drooling looking at one of those mouthwatering recipes for Thanksgiving on Pinterest.

So I have to pretend that I was “working” and looking for something meaningful for my blog (duh!).

When I just started my blog, I had no idea I’d be investing in it, by using scheduling tools and gain so much traffic.

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Tailwind couldn’t have come at the right time.

Just when I was ready to spend my valuable time on some other tasks for the day, I found out about this awesome time saving Pinterest Scheduler that just got me back the precious hours of my day and more sleeping hours for my nights!

I have been using Tailwind for couple of months now, and love it. Who knew that this really affordable ($10/month) scheduler could do so much.

I have been able to schedule my pin automatically for weeks at a time, and just forget about it. For me, this is one of the best schedulers to schedule your pins on Pinterest.

I knew how much Tailwind was capable of, but I was blown away by how much potential it has to grow more traffic to your blog.

I recently came across a detailed post by Suzi Whitford of Start a Mom Blog on How to Semiloop your Pins with Tailwind.

She talks about how you can use your top performing Group Boards to your advantage by looping your blog post images for certain number of days.

Make sure to read her post and let her know how this helped you in growing traffic to your blog.

If you have been on Pinterest a lot lately, consider using Tailwind. Here are my tips on how this awesome Pinterest Scheduler works and how it helps boost traffic to my blog.

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a scheduling tool that lets you schedule your pins on Pinterest ahead of time.

It analyses your pins and lets you know which pins got most engagement from people, which pins performed the best and an option to schedule to repin them again.

It has been working out great for me, since I am able to spread out my pins throughout the day, and I do not look spammy being all over Pinterest.

I also now enjoy my time on Pinterest while pinning and repinning away stuff from other visitors.

Note about using Pinterest Scheduler: Lately many Pinterest Board Owners are banning and removing contributors for not pinning and repinning from the respective boards.

I love how Tailwind lets you set an interval between each pin. I set it to at least 1 day and few hours. Also make sure to

It is important that when you pin to any group board, you make sure that while you are there, you repin at least 3 or more pictures.

After all, this is how any group can become popular and earn high search engine ranking.

So, it is a team effort. Do not just pin your content. Pin and repin others also, that’s how we all benefit from these awesome traffic boosting tools and platforms!

Things that Make it Easy to use Tailwind

1. Schedule Pins Months in Advance
2. Schedule Pins Using Browser Bookmarklet
3. Schedule to Group Boards in one go
4. Detailed Analytics to monitor your Brand Performance
5. Time Slot Recommendations
6. Sort and Shuffle Pins
7. Set up the Interval between pins

When you start with 30 Day FREE Trial, you can schedule upto 100 pins. After that you need to upgrade to the paid version. Create an account and login. 

Once you signup and login, make sure to complete your account. On the right hand side, you will get suggestions on how to optimize your Pinterest boards.

For example, when I just started I was suggested to pin at least 10 images in one of my boards. For another board, I was suggested to add the description.

When you complete these tasks, it really helps to optimize your boards and rank higher in search engine results.

Once you have completed the suggested tasks, you can install Tailwind Bookmarklet.

Install Tailwind Bookmarklet

Tailwind Bookmarklet lets you schedule from blog’s image. See the “schedule” button at the bottom left on this image.

Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer have different extensions for this bookmarklet. Once it is installed in the toolbar of your browser, scheduling pins right from your browser is super simple.

Schedule Pins in Advance.

This is the best feature of Tailwind, can schedule my pin in advance for a week, two weeks, a month or even three months.

I feel such a peace of mind knowing that my work is getting done while I’m attending to my little one or we are away for a vacation. I do not have to worry about being on Pinterest all day to make sure my images are getting the much needed exposure.

As of now, I only have 40 pins scheduled. I can do more or less depending on how many I would like scheduled at a time. I normally schedule for two weeks in advance, but I have heard people scheduling for few months.

So, it’s totally up to you, how much in advance you want to schedule.

Schedule Pins using Browser Bookmarklet

I love this flexibility offered by Tailwind. Doesn’t matter which blog I am at. I can schedule pins from right where I am browsing. So if I browsing a random blog and I want to pin a nice image, I can do that, thanks to the browser bookmarklet.

It is going to grab all the images available on that page and let you mark the ones you want to schedule. You can select the boards you want them pinned to. That’s it!

Detailed Analytics Data

This is one feature I have not seen in any of the schedulers. Getting information on your analytics data is very valuable. You are able to monitor the performance of your pins, trending boards and images.

Pin Inspector

It has the useful information on which boards has the most pins, repins, comments, dates pinned and an option to schedule a repin for your best performing pins.

Navigation Panel

All of your reports are neatly organized in one place, making it easy to navigate to your most relevant data, fast.

Weekly Summary

The perfect way to get a snapshot of your last week’s progress on Pinterest. See repin growth, most viral boards and pins, and your most engaged followers.

Monitor Your Domain

Discover trends and conversations related to Pinterest.

Track Your Brand Page

Get the latest numbers for total followers, pins, repins, and likes. See their historical growth in handy charts and track key virality and engagement metrics.

From the total numbers you can then drill down per board

I say, this is a great way to get more engagement and interaction from your returning and new visitors.

Time Slot Recommendations

Tailwind recommends the time slots suggesting the best times you can schedule your pins. You can add or remove the suggested time slots.

Dotted slots are the recommended ones by Tailwind. Solid spots have already been scheduled.

Sort and Shuffle Pins

You can check the scheduled pins in your queue, and have the ability to sort and shuffle if you want to change the order they are scheduled.

This way, all your same images won’t be pinned at the same time to all the boards. They will be spread out over the time.

Set up the Interval between pins

I like this feature the best. I recently started using this where I can set up a time interval between each pin to be pinned to each board.

This makes it so much easier to set a reasonable gap between the images you pins to different boards.

This feature is essentially important when you pin to different group boards. I am able to spread out the pins over a period of time.


In the last few weeks I have used Tailwind, I love it. Great features and convenience it offers is worth it at $10/month.

If you haven’t tried it yet, make sure to take advantage of their free trial and see for yourself if it is worth it for your business or not.

Get Tailwind Now and Start Scheduling

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