How To Win in PUBG Tips and Tricks

Today’s Release Is About Pubg Game. Today I’m Going To Tell You The Ways How You Can Win in Pubg Tips And Tricks. The Pubg Game Spins A Lot These Days. And Breaking All Mobile Phone Game’s Records.

For Everyone Who Plays Pubg On Mobile, I Brought Some Tips And Tricks Pubg Pros. If You Use Them, You Will Play Pubg Game Like A Pro And Will Definitely Prepare Pubg Chicken Dinner. And You Will Always Arrive First. Find Out Different Ways To Win Pubg Game.

I Also Come First In Many Games And Everything Is Tested. Read This Article To The End As I Explain The Tricks That Pubg Pro Player Uses Which Overshadows The Normal Player When Playing Pubg. If You Want To Know This As Well, Read This Post In Full.

The Tips And Tricks We’ll Tell You Today Range From Basic To Advance Pubg Trick.

So Let’s Start First With Basic Pubg Tips And Trick.

Customize The Control Button

First Absolutely Important Thing Is That Before Starting Your Pubg Mobile Game, The Pubg Mobile Game Control Key Must Be Customized And The Pubg Settings Do Not Have A Keypad Controller That Works Well Until Your Phone Is Rooted.

But You Won’t Be Able To Control It Well There. The Controls On The Screen Are Your Best Allies To Play The Game. Here You Can Customize Your Command Button By Accessing Your Settings.

If You Want The Shoot Button To Appear On The Left Instead Of The Right, You Can Still Do So. If You Are Left-handed, You Can Adjust Right Or Left Accordingly In Your Phone.

Any Controls You See On The Screen Can Be Edited. You Can Increase Their Transparency And Also Adjust The Size Of Buttons.

After That, It Is Certain That When You Launch Pubg Mobile Game, It Will Be Personalized In Your Own Way. And Then The Game Becomes Very Easy To Play.

Good HeadPhone

Pubg’s Most Important Tip Is That You Should Use Good Headphones. And It Should Be Of Good Quality. This Is Because Pubg Game Gives You A 3d Sound Effect. When Using The Headphone, You Can Hear The 3d Sound Effect.

This Means That You Can Already Guess The Sound Of Your Enemy’s Footsteps, Their Distance And On Which Side The Bullets Are Moving. And You Can Play Better And You Will Also Get A Lot Of Help From Your Headphone.

When You Play On Squad. As A Team Or With Friends, You Must Use This Headphone. When You Are Not Using The Headphone, Everything Your Friend Says Is Routed Through The Speaker Into The Microphone Again And The Voice Is Heard Twice. This Will Ruin Your Means Of Communication.

So If You’re Playing Squad With Your Friends, You Should Use The Headphones. This Will Really Help To Improve The Performance.

Use Eye Button

The Third And Important Tip Is That You Should Use Pubg Eye Button In Your Pubg Mobile Game. The More You Use It, The Better You Can Play Pubg Mobile Game. As At The Time Of Your Skydiving. You Can Also See Where Your Friends Are Landing Using The Eye Button.

And At The Same Time You Can See That How Many Enemy Come Down At The Same Spot Where You Land With Pubg Eye Button. And You Can Act Accordingly.

You Can Do The Same Thing By Driving A Car. And You Can See 360 Degrees. You Can Use This Pubg Eye Button When You Run. This Button Allows You To View The Entire 360-degree View Without Moving Your Character An Inch.

This Button Will Help You Fully While You Play Today. So You Should Always Take Care Of It And Use It Mostly When Playing.

Hide Using Ghillie Suit

The Next Trick Is That At The End Of The Game The Circle Gets Smaller As The Circle Gets Smaller. At That Point There Are Very Few People Left, So You Have To Hide, Lie Down And Jump In The Bushes.

So That Enemy Can’t See You. If You Stand In Such A Small Circle, The Enemy Can Easily See You And Can Also Give You A Headshot Very Easily. Apart From That, If You Get A Lucky Ghillie Suit, You Have To Wear It. You Will Often Get It From Drop, After Wearing It, You Can Easily Mislead The Enemy, Which Is A Good Thing.

If Your Luck Is Good, You Will Get This Ghillie Suit And It Is Very Rare. If Enemy Saw You While Proning, You Don’t Benefit From Lying Down. After That, You Have To Get Up And Keep Your Self Moving. You Have To Keep Jumping Here And There So That The Enemy Can’t Easily Target You.

What I Mean Is That You Don’t Have To Be An Easy Target Of The Enemy. So You Have To Keep Moving, Move Here And There So That The Enemy Can’t Shot You.

Pick Up The Yellow Items

Next Tip Is That When You Kill An Enemy It Is Very Important To Choose The Right Item. A Necessary Object Is What You Have To Pickup. As Such, You Will Know That You Need The Yellow Items While Picking Items.

All You Have To Do Is Pick Up The White Objects. If You Want To Pick Them Up And Use Them Later. It Often Happens That Our Bag Is Full.

And There Are Unnecessary Items. Because Of This Other Item, We Cannot Get The Required Item. So Many Times We Have To Remember That We Only Have To Carry The Items We Need.

If You Don’t Know Which Bullet, Weapon You Have. If You Want To Know This, You Have To Go To Your Bag And You Will See The Guns You Picked Up There.

And You Will See How Many MM Bullets Are On Your Side. And It Is Clearly Written There.

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