6 Easy Ways to Get More Comments On Your Blog

One of the ways to find out how your blog is growing is by knowing how engaged your readers are with your blog content. When you receive comments from your readers you know that they are taking time to read your blog posts and interested in sharing their view of point.

To increase your readership you need to interact with your readers. And your readers need to leave comments on your blog posts in order to show their interest. But you are not getting any (*sad face*).

Well, worry not. These 6 simple ways to get more comments on your blog post are easy to follow. I use some of these regularly on my blog. Others have been recommended by other bloggers, that I haven’t used myself.

Call to Action

You write a beautiful blog post about your travel to a beautiful place, posted pictures and shared how much fun you had. When you just end it up with, well, I had a great time. You have a great day too. What do you think your readers are going to do? They will just move on to the next blog and keep reading. But if you asked them about what interesting places they have been to. Or share your interesting stories from that place, your readers would be tempted to tell their story as well.

This is called “Call to Action”. A kind of question of opinion that is asked when you are done telling your story. At the end of your post, ask people to share their tips, or ask them a question. People who are reading your blog post definitely make up their mind one way or the other on the topic they are reading. So when you nudge them or remind them to share their opinion, they most probably will. This brings us to the next point.

Respond to Their Comments

Getting an acknowledgement is very important part of human nature. So, when your readers leave a comment on your blog post, and you actually respond back, especially by addressing them with their name, they will feel special.

If and when you receive comments on your blog post, make sure to respond to them. Knowing that their opinions have been counted makes them want to share their opinions more. You will see them coming to your blog more often, and soon they become your loyal readers.

Make it Easy to Comment on your Blog

If you have installed complicated captchas in your commenting section or if they have to login, people will refrain from commenting.I have at some point been tempted to leave a comment on a blog post I find so interesting, but then I am asked to login to the system, or have to enter captchas that are hard to read, I move on to the next blog.

It is also important to have some kind of check to make sure you are not receiving any spams or comments from bots. There are many plugins you can use for this purpose. Checkout the comment section at end of this blog post. I have used Google Recaptcha plugin. Commentators have to simply check a box to verify that they are not bots. You can use something like that as well. Make sure you comment as well to see how easy it is to comment on this post 🙂

CommentLuv Plugin

One of the reasons people comment on a certain blog is if they are getting something in return. If your blogger friends are coming to comment on your blog, they are also looking to get a link back to their site. Give them this opportunity. Plugins like CommentLuv are great for this reason.

Accept Guest Posts

Make sure to accept guest posts from someone who has a large social network audience. When you have a guest post from someone important, they also bring their network with them. People are bound to comment on their guest post. That will bag you lots of comments on that post on your blog.

I have had guest posts on my blog where after their guest post is published and they share it in their social media, people come check out my blog to see their post and leave a comment. This way I get an opportunity to showcase my blog to my guest posters’ audience as well.

Join Facebook Groups or Blog Commenting Tribes

I have seen a lot of success with Facebook groups and community tribes. These are support groups that comment on each other’s posts and expect the same on their posts in return. You can get lot of exposure to your blog posts this way. If you are interesting in knowing what Facebook Groups I am part of, please leave comment in the comment section below, I would love to share!

What tips would you like to add to this list? Please share in the comment box below.

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