How to Find WiFi Password Using command prompt(cmd)

Where can I see my WiFi password?

How to quickly find WiFi password using command prompt/cmd ? There is a solution FOR can’t find my wifi password ! Many people have probably asked this question because they forgot their network password. On the one hand, if a computer or smartphone is already connected to the network, they remember the password and are now automatically reconnected, there is no need to worry.

On the other hand, you often have to connect new devices and unfortunately you can’t do without a password. There are different ways to find your Wi-Fi password that even an amateur can easily use.

Where can I see my WiFi password?

There aren’t that many options where you can find the password for the wireless network you’re connected to or previously connected to. Here :

  • Router or router administration panel.
  • Operating system settings.
  • System files on your Android phone.

Of course, you first need to find out if you have devices that are currently connected to the desired Wi-Fi network or (in the case of the Windows operating system) devices that have previously connected to the wireless network and registered the password during the Initialization. Based on this, you need to use one of the following options.

Programs you can use to find your WiFi password

The easiest way to see your Wi-Fi password on a PC is to download the program. There are a large number of popular programs for finding and decrypting a Wi-Fi password, but only a few are really useful.

One of the most useful programs for Windows is WirelessKeyView. It should be noted that this program does not “steal” the password of one of the Wi-Fi networks, but finds data on the computer or laptop on the networks to which the device was connected.

WirelessKeyView is a simple exe file, requires no installation and is of less than a megabyte. Just download this program and launch it. It instantly displays passwords for all wireless networks to which you are already connected.

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This is how you find the password via an already connected Wifi.

If your device is currently connected to a wireless network, two methods will help you:

  • Find the password in the router settings.
  • Use the Windows operating system to find the password.
  • Find Wifi password using cmd.
  • Show the password in the system files of your Android phone.

Next, we’ll look at each of these elements in detail.

We search and discover our WiFi password in the router settings

You can easily find the password for the wireless network in the settings of the router, which only distributes Wifi. Each router has its own IP address, which goes into the address bar of the browser.

We immediately open the router’s admin panel. IP is often printed on a label attached to the back (router). However, the instructions for the router must also include the administrator IP address and password to enter the router settings.

You need to connect to the router first in two ways:

  • via a Wi-Fi network or
  • a normal network cable.

Then enter the IP address in the address bar of any browser.

You will then need to confirm your username and password (i.e. the administrator) on the router settings page.

Then the router settings page (admin) will open.

The administration window looks different for different router models.

In general, however, you will need to access the wireless protection section where you can find WiFi password. In order to simplify the task, we will explain this. Procedure in the administration area of ​​routers of different brands:

The password for Wi-Fi can be found on the routers, Cisco TP-Link and Linksys

Find and click on the “Wireless” button on the main page of the admin router. Then click the “Wireless Security” button and in the “PSK Password” field you will see the characters you need.

Wi-Fi password on the Xiaomi MI wifi mini router

Click on the “Settings” button in the top menu and then on the left on the “Wi-Fi settings” button on this page in “Password” “Find your password in the wireless network.

We determine the Wi-Fi password on the D-Link router

We look for the “Wi-Fi” tab in the vertical menu, click on the “Setting” button, then on the left on the “Wi-fi settings” button on this page in the “Password” field look for your password from the wireless network.

We look at the WiFi password on the ASUS router

On the main page of the admin area of ​​the router in the right column in the “WPA-PSK key” field.

We learn the Wi-Fi password on the ZyXEL router

In the lower menu the tab “Wi-Fi network”, then the tab “Access Point” – the password is in the “Network key” field.

We find out the IP address of the Wifi router ?

The router’s IP address is usually given on the router itself or in the corresponding instructions. It also contains instructions where you can learn from the supplier.

If you reset all settings, you will also find the IP address of your router model on the Internet.

Optionally, you can determine the IP address of your router on your mobile phone or tablet by calling the parameters of your Wifi connection.

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What to do if you forgot the password from the router?

The password from the router settings page, which is set by default in the router, is usually written on the back of its case. However, if you yourself changed it (password), then you could forget it.

In this case, you will have to reset all settings. To do this, use the “Reset” button.

It is located on the back of the router, near the cable connectors. To avoid accidentally pressing it, the button is pressed into the case.

Access to it is available only through a narrow hole through which it climbs, for example, a needle or a paper clip.

After pressing the reset button, “reset”, in the end, the router automatically returns to the factory settings.

The password from the router will also take its initial form (written on its case). The only negative is that you will have to re-adjust / configure all the settings of the router for accessing the Internet.

How find WiFi password on windows 10

If your device has already connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can use the operating system functions to obtain the passwords. To do this, use the following instructions:

  • Enter “Control Panel” in the search bar (lower left corner, next to the “START” menu there is also a Windows symbol) and select the entry found in the menu.
  • Look for the “Network and Sharing Center” icon and double-click it with the left mouse button.
  • In the window that appears, you will immediately see the name of the active wireless connection. You must click on it with the left mouse button and open its properties.
  • Then go to the “Security” tab. We see the line with the password with hidden asterisks.
  • We put a mark “Show input characters”, look and remember your wifi password.

Find WiFi password in Windows 7

In Windows 7 it is just as easy to see the password over the wireless network as in a newer version of the operating system. Just follow the sequence of actions below:

  • Look for the network status icon in the taskbar.
  • Click on it with the left mouse button.
  • Move the mouse pointer over the name of the desired network and right click on it. A context menu opens and consists of three components.
  • Use the “Properties” command. Then a new window opens – “Wireless network properties”.
  • On the Security tab, you will find a line with encrypted characters. This character set is your password. To display the characters, check the “Display entered characters” box.

Find Wifi password using CMD

For those who do not like to dive into windows and tabs, there is an easy way to find Wifi password from cmd on a wireless network that is connected via the Windows command line.

  • Enter “cmd” (without quotation marks) in the search bar (lower left corner, next to the “START” menu and the Windows symbol),
  • Start the “Command Line” application and enter the command:

netsh wlan show profile

  • This command prompts Windows to display a list of all wireless networks it was connected to from this PC.
wifi password cmd

Find wifi password using cmd– In this list, you need to find the name of the network you want, remember it, and use it when you type the following command to get the password for the wireless network:

netsh wlan show profile name=Redmi key=clear

After executing this command, the required WiFi password is displayed on the screen.

Find WiFi Password Using command prompt
Find WiFi Password Using command prompt

This is how you find WiFi Password from cmd or by using command prompt.

Where to find wifi password on android

Your Android phone carefully stores all passwords for wireless networks you have previously connected to in your system files.

Admittedly, you can see the list of passwords with RTH rights (super user rights) on your phone, most users do not have them, because they need to be configured.

If you have root rights, install the RootBrowser application on your mobile phone.

Go through the following hierarchy: data -> misc -> wifi and find the file called wpa_supplicant.conf.

It is in the file wpa_supplicant.conf that the records of all the connections of the telephone to the wireless networks are stored, including the names of the wifi networks and their passwords (passwords in the lines of the form: psk = word password).

If you’re distributing the Internet and you need to see the password for your Wi-Fi hotspot,

In this case, the functionality is already integrated into Android and you just have to browse the menu chain:

Settings -> WiFi hotspot -> Setup hotspot

Next, find the “Password” column behind the asterisks and click the eye icon to remove the asterisks.

How To view the password without logging on to a computer or router

As a general rule, the standard password can be obtained from the supplier. There are also many special devices that search for Wi-Fi networks included in a specific area, then automatically choose a password for it, and you will recognize it.

One such device is the Wi-Fi Box Network Unlocker. In addition, many analogues are manufactured, but it is possible that the use of such devices is illegal.

No matter how trivial it can be, you can find the password by asking someone who knows it, e.g. B. An assistant who configured the Wi-Fi access point.

As you can see, there are many ways to find the forgotten password for your Wi-Fi network.

It’s easier with a computer or laptop. If you’re lucky and one of the devices is connected to the network, you can recover the password in a few clicks.

This can also be done easily with a router. You may not be able to do it yourself, but such a case where the password cannot be found does not exist.

However, you should not forget your passwords as this leads to unnecessary inconvenience, wasted time and problems.

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