How to check the charging level of Bluetooth device

How to check the charging level of Bluetooth device

How to check the charging level of Bluetooth device – Now more than half of the usual devices (headphones, audio speakers, keyboards, joysticks, smartwatches and more) can be used wirelessly. They have been replaced by wireless communication channels. The connection via Bluetooth is popular due to the simple operation and the relatively low cost of devices with this technology.

However, wireless devices have one major disadvantage: limited battery life. The problem could easily be solved if all devices were equipped with battery indicators.

Not all devices have this type of display features, and battery discharge often surprises the user.

How can you check the charging level of Bluetooth device i.e. headphones and other mini devices in this situation?

You can insure yourself against problems with special applications or the integrated functionality of the connected device.

There has been a constant trend in the past ten years in the development of modern technologies and the manufacture of machines for mass consumption.

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The inventors try to create high-tech innovations that facilitate the daily activities of the user, free them from routine tasks and help to create comfort and order in his home.

The wire rejection is an important step towards the desired comfort and improvement of the quality of life.

How to View the charge level of Bluetooth devices

The only way to get information about a battery’s power supply without computer technology is to analyze the signals from the LED indicators.

These device manufacturers often equip their products with it, but LEDs are not meaningful as they are uninformative.

It is best to use other monitoring methods that have been proven to work:

  • Use mobile applications that are specifically designed for this purpose.
  • Try to Use the integrated tools of the Windows operating system in the tenth version.
  • Use the built-in tools of the Android operating system (some models display information about the charging process of the connected device immediately after a successful pairing).

Mobile apps for checking the Bluetooth charge

All mobile apps to check the fee work almost the same. They are quick to install, easy to use, and have free versions (not all).

To obtain information, simply connect a third-party device and a telephone via a communication channel, open the application and select the desired device from the list of devices displayed.

Then the virtual test key is activated. The user gets the end result in one minute. Checkers are constantly shown in app stores, but among them we should highlight some of the most effective.

It is a bluetooth battery monitor and a battery monitor. Each of these programs is available free of charge on the play market of the online shop.

Bluetooth battery monitor

  • This program checks the charge status of all devices that connects to the user’s PC via Bluetooth.
  • Mostly these are game controllers, keyboards, mice and computer speakers.
  • After installation, we can launch the application from the taskbar and quickly receive information about one of the paired devices that displays in the main window.
  • When we need to charge the device or its energy supply is approaching a critical value, the app sends a notification to the user.
  • Officially, the program is paid, but there is a free trial period. The Bluetooth Battery Monitor utility is currently compatible with multiple versions of the Windows system – 7, 8.1, and 10.


  • A simple and lightweight application that is for the Android operating system.
  • The utility reports the state of charge of all devices that connect to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth – headphones, watches, speakers, keyboards and others.
  • However, be aware that bread does not support all Android devices.
  • The program receives objective indicators from devices with GATT protocols, which have functions of answering or rejecting a call via a headset.

How to check Bluetooth charge level in the phone ?

BatON displays information next to the names of the connected devices or notifies the user in the form of notifications.

The app is a great discovery for users whose devices cannot report critical energy consumption themselves.

Battery monitor

  • The program works on Android all mobile devices.
  • In active mode, the application monitors the Bluetooth gadget and calculates the battery life.
  • The application is compatible with all devices that work in headset mode.
  • The battery monitor is easy to set up and use.

How to view the charging status of Bluetooth devices in Windows 10

Windows 10 can independently check the charge of devices connected to a PC via Bluetooth.

For example, you can check the charge status of Airpods.

  • To activate the control tools in the system, you need to install special software and then:
  • Add a Bluetooth device. The device will appear on the Windows screen once the user is in the settings list and then on the “Bluetooth and other devices” tab.
  • The following steps activate the “+” button and select a device type.
  • Connect a device with Bluetooth functionality.
  • After connecting, the name of the gadget will be displayed on the screen.
  • You must activate the “Add device” command and then “Ready”.

To view the Bluetooth charging status, you must move the cursor along the name of the connected device in the list of devices.

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