7 Excellent Reasons You Should Start Blogging

I have been blogging on my other blog for the last two years and the journey has been amazing. Those of you who know me already know that I have been itching to start a blog for number of years but never took the plunge. It finally happened after I met my old friend who was doing blogging before me.

Like many of you, I had been thinking of starting a blog every day, but never actually took any action. I’d tell my sister that I wanted to start a blog someday. I‘d tell my dad that I am going to write a journal soon. I‘d tell my friend, today is the day! But it never happened!

Why I Started Blogging?

It finally happened when my nephew was 4 months old. He had been trying for the last couple of days and finally he rolled over his play mat all by himself. I was beyond thrilled. This was his first milestone. I took at least 30 pictures and 20 videos of him doing that, since I was the only one who witnessed his very first roll over. I wanted to do something more to preserve these precious moments and to look back when he’s all grown up. So I decided to make a journal and write down all his milestones with dates and other activities that we’d relish in the years to come.

I used MS Word to compose pages of his milestones. Soon he turned 12 months, then 18 months. I kept list of foods that he could eat, recipes to make, his napping schedule and so many other baby things. I was filling page after page of my MS word. That’s when my sister suggested making an online collection of my text version. I liked the idea, and my blog was born.

Until I started blogging, I had no idea it could be such a creative outlet for me. I started from zero milestones and now my blog has grown to so much more. And I write about money saving tips, recipes, diy ideas, blogging tips and organization. I am so glad that I started blogging because not only do I get to follow my passion and work for myself, I also get to make money from my blog.

And I am telling you all this because if you are sitting on the fence, thinking of starting a blog tomorrow – you better do it today! Just do it, because whenever you start your blog, you’d think, why I didn’t start it yesterday!

What Keeps Me Going and Help Me To Keep Blogging?

Besides my supportive family, I have a blog growth tracker that helps me keep track of my blogging progress. I have designed the one for 2016, recording my blog stats for each month. I am able to track the page views and unique visitors to my blog. Also make sure of my social media stats performance. My ad revenue is something I am looking at increasing this year with the launch of my digital product.

If you are a regular reader to my blog, you already know how crazy I am to write things down. When I started my blog, I just kept on generating content, not keeping track of how I was doing promoting it or interacting on my social media network. With time, I figured I wanted a way to make sure that I was making some kind of progress. That’s when I designed myself a cute blog growth tracker printable.

When I can track my blog stats I am inclined to better than the previous month. My blog growth tracker helps me keep on track with my blogging adventures. Blogging is not as simple as it sounds. There might be some days when you are full of enthusiasm about a project, the next day you may not feel it.

Many people give up within a few months of starting a blog. You want to make sure that you are consistent in your efforts. My blog growth tracker keeps me going because it gives me incentive to outdo myself the next month. Make sure to track your blog stats and keep working on your blog.

7 Excellent Reasons You Should Start Blogging Too

Blogging has been rewarding for me in more than one ways. If you think you were born to blog but are not able to take action, make sure to read through the following things. These are some of the reasons I started blogging, and you should too!

Creative outlet

As I mentioned earlier, I had no idea blogging could be such a creative outlet for me. After I started blogging, I was able to write down my ideas and thoughts much more clearly. When I started blogging, I was able to implement my ideas and make them a reality, see the actual products and gain more confidence.

Make new friends

Blogging is not only just about creating contents. It also helps you network and make new friends. I have been blessed to gain so many new friends that are in the same niche that I am. Best part of making new friends is that they actually support you and help you grow.

Requires no prior knowledge

Blogging does not require you to have prior knowledge of HTML or any technical stuff. You can follow my step by step tutorial to set up your brand new blog. It’s just a few click options and you are all set. Installing themes and plugins is super easy as well, Learn new skills.

When I first started blogging, I had no idea how to set up new domain, install a theme or a new plugin. I had no idea what SEO was and learnt all these skills when I started blogging. I also make recipes and do food photography from time to time.

Got myself this new Nikon D3300 and learnt how to use it to take beautiful food pictures and how to add different effects using Lightroom.

I create organizational printables and had no idea how to create one when I just started but I learned making them using MS Word. So basically I was able to learn so many new skills I had never intended on learning before.

Make money blogging

You know the best part about blogging? You can make money out of your hobby, out of what you are passionate about. It is not get rich quick scheme though where you start making money as soon as you start generating content.

Monetization part comes when you have created enough high quality content, when you have built relationships with fellow bloggers, when you have engaged your readers and when you have fair amount of fan following. All this doesn’t come the first day. Just like any other business, it comes with time, patience and effort.

Become more organized

Blogging can help you become more organized. Ever since I started blogging, I have become a printables fanatic. I use organizational printables for everything. My day doesn’t start without setting the goals for the day.

If I am not following my personal organizer, I might be busy creating another organization printable. I have become much more organized since I started blogging and able to set my priorities straight.

Inspire others

You never know who you might end up helping when you blog. One positive reflection from you can inspire your readers in so many ways. My post on 52 Week Money Challenge is the most popular one.

My readers want to save money and wish to see how I am doing it. I get asked this question many times how are you planning to save money and if I can help them do that too.

I have been able to share my money saving tips with my readers, and keep on looking for more ways to help families save money.

Do you think these reasons are strong enough to make you start a blog? If you have wanted to do it for a long time, do it now!

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