7 Best rated Police Scanner Apps for Android Users

Android Police Scanner Apps – As technology has developed a lot in a short period there are many things which you can do with your android apps today or these days.

Today I am going to share the Information about best 7 police scanner apps present on google play store for android users. Here are few of the best android police scanner apps.

Top Police Scanner Apps for Android Smartphone 

Scanner Radio

One cannot have any simpler than this app if you are looking for a police scanner app. Scanner radio offers its listeners audio live from a set of police scanners. This app also offers services like whole load of other scanners like fire weather and amateur radio. If you are simply looking for a police scanner app you can choose your first preference as this app because it cannot get any better at its best state.

Scanner Radio : Download Link from Google Play Store

Police Scanner 5-0 Radio App

Police scanner 5.0 is an old app when compared. Even though it is old it is well established. It offers coverage of more than 2,500 police, fire , rescue services. Police scanners 5.0 also offers a service which you can search by region and also you can use your GPS to find the frequencies available around your area.

Download :  Click here

Chicago Police Radio

As the name suggests this app is focused on Chicago. It is useful only for the people of Chicago and if you want to know what was happening locally you can simply open the app listen to the scanners and frequencies available around you.

Scanner Radio California

Similar to the above one this scanning app is focused on California. Don’t assume that the app would be same as the above app which belongs to Chicago. No police force is famous than LAPD in the word and and this apps deserves a lot. So if you want to know anything happening in LA or other regions in California you can simply switch to this app.

Police Scanner Radio Scanner

Though the name is weird to hear this app has all the features you are looking for. This police scanner radio scanner app not only covers the USA, This app can be accessed in countries like Canada, Germany, Italy and also japan.

This app shows the top 50 feeds available in different countries where it provides services. More than 3000 feeds are available on this app. You will surely find something interesting from one of those feeds.

Scanner911 Police Scanner

Scanner911 police scanner is one of the best police scanner app to know whats going around you. You can not only listen feeds from police, but also from fire air traffic controls, rail road staffs. No matter what the problem is you will always know what was happening. It has solid interface which is easy to use. It provides local as well as global feeds

Police Scanner

As the name it has more than 3,500 stations available. You can browse top 100 list feeds on this app. You can also search by country, state, city. But it is not compatible for most of the android devices.

Hope we have covered the list of best featured police scanner apps for android..If you guys feel,i missed out anything on police scanner app,please do let us know in the comments section.

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