Best 5 iTunes alternative for iPhone to Transfer Files

Best 5 iTunes alternative for iPhone to Transfer Files

iTunes is one of the most used applications across any platform, and there is an honest reason for that.

Nobody can ever tell you that iTunes is a piece of software that everyone completely likes to use, however the entire range of iPhone and iPad heavily depends on the software for music transfer, device management, software updates, and nearly everything else.

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Best iTune Alternatives for iPhone

The problem with iTunes isn’t that it doesn’t look nice. On the contrary, its interface is better than a variety of apps on our list. There is simply a lot of clubbed into one utility that it is reasonably setup for failure from the get-go.

That is why you wish alternatives for iTunes that may function your daily driver, whereas the iTunes application, inevitably needed because it is, simply sits within the corner without needing to go back to it.

Here is the list of top 5 iTunes alternatives for Windows, Mac and even Linux.


SynciOS is a fully equipped, hardcore device manager for iPhones and iPads.

It has each feature on providing that you will expect from a device manager, as well as media transfer, backing up device content, ringtones, photos, music, videos, syncing wallpapers, books and much more.

SynciOS also provides you a variety of useful information pieces pertaining to the connected device. The most effective part is that the software is free.


Ecoute is a lightweight media player that contains a unique interface. It automatically detects and imports your iTunes library, and also provides playback notifications through an always-on-top device.

The tool additionally supports connecting your Facebook, Twitter accounts. Ecoute also contains a capable iOS app that may replace your native music player on your mobile device.

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Wondershare TunesGo

It is a heavyweight, multi-purpose package that aims to eliminate the requirement to go to iTunes altogether, no matter what you require.

This is quit your average media player; it is a complete iDevice management suite that even permits reverse copying, in this, you will be able to import music from your iPhone or iPad to your computer rather than the traditional, different way around.

TunesGo also permits you to direct syncing of iTunes media library with an Android smartphone, among others.


Swinsian is another alternative to iTunes which focuses on the media playback and ignores anything else. This tool, too, has social integration and permits you to attach your last FM account.

The two different options that set Swinsian apart from others are the simple metadata/ID3 tag editing that this tool offers.

The interface of the program is extremely reminiscent of iTunes, so you will find navigating around it fairly easy and familiar.


MediaMonkey is a personal favorite alternative iTune. It is a very powerful media management suite which brings all your music and videos together, however, you will also find missing track information automatically and fill in those gaps.

It will additionally help you to clean out duplicates, auto-build playlists according to your listening habits, can record music from audio/video disks, and can sync music to iPhone and iPads etc, along with a number of different devices.

MediaMonkey is a free software but has a “gold” version that you just will upgrade to for few extra features.

The only beef that you have with this fantastic tool is that it is a relatively large learning curve associated by using MediaMonkey.

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