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WiFi Hacking Apps for Android 2020

WiFi Hacking Apps are real. There are many programs for WiFi hacking, but there are almost none that work properly. However, getting a Wi-Fi grid password is real if you use the right resources.

If you know the method of intercepting packet data, you can use the free Internet access almost everywhere in the infrastructure.

Disclaimer: The WiFi hacking Android apps or methods mentioned ahead in this list are for educational purposes only and one is expected to use them for testing their own security. Hacking or attempting to crack someone else’s WiFi security without permission is a criminal offense. So, use these tools responsibly.

Android WiFi Hacking Apps:

Recently, during the reign of WPA, the first versions of dictionaries were used to crack Wi-Fi Password by randomly sorting password combinations.

This analysis took up to 8 hrs. Soon after, router manufacturers switched to WPA2 and attempts to break the Wi-Fi dictionary with disabling.

There are WiFi hacking apps or programs that can extract passwords in 15 minutes. For this, download the software, make certain settings and wait a little. The principle of operation is to attack the router over the network.


This is a popular application for hacking Wi-Fi networks from gadgets based on Android (not lower than 4.0.3). Unlike similar software, which often promises brutal violence, but actually only “delivers” viruses to our system, this service is an excellent hacker tool.

How does the software work? – The technology of password guessing using special databases – dictionaries is used. Two main components are integrated for this: brute force and direct dictionaries.

The scope of the application is not only limited to hacking neighboring WLANs, but also much more extensive: restoring a forgotten (lost) password, checking your own network for password complexity, creating a strong password to protect personal data, etc.


WIBR Android WiFi Hacking Apps

Before you talk about software configuration, you need to understand the terminology. What is brute force ? – Bruteforce means over Wi-Fi password (it can work both in manual and automatic mode).

It can set many parameters for selection: alphabet, language, missing numbers, etc. Practice shows that for such functions you can choose keys up to 15 characters long!

When you launch bruteforce on a smartphone, you can observe the selection process on the screen (it works on several wireless networks at the same time).

If you are interested in a particular network, just click on it. You will have access to full statistics – how many passwords from the downloaded dictionaries have been checked and how much more you need to parse.

Important! Installing Wibr + for Android does not require root privileges.

Where can I get brute force dictionaries ?

Some of them are installed with the program. You can also download updated versions from the Internet.

You can also create your own parameters (in TXT format) and write them to notepad.

How to speed up selection ?

It depends on brood speed and depends on:

1. Signal strength (try to be as close to the router as possible);
2. Features of the Android OS of your version;
3. Quality dictionaries.

How do I install new dictionaries?

Download dictionaries from the Internet and replace them with old ones. Open the application as in the zip archive. Find the res / raw folder and partially replace 3 dictionaries there.

Rename user dictionaries first: give them the same names as the pre-installed ones. Pack dictionaries without compression.

What are WiFi Brute Dictionaries ?

The utility is a great option for advanced users and beginners. It has a variety of settings and excellent multifunctionality. The only friendly advice – use it for your own good!

WiFi Warden [WPS CONNECT] WiFi Hacking Apps

WiFi Warden is a high quality Wi-Fi network analyzer with advanced features.

The application allows the user to know the frequency of the modem signal, the distance to the nearest WLAN routers, the manufacturer of a specific router, complete information about the devices connected to the network and a specific one, and many other useful data.

The program also includes port and Wi-Fi channel scanners. The functions of the analyzer are useful for the average user who wants to connect to a wireless network in a public place as well as for an experienced programmer.

The Warden WiFi Analyzer WiFi Hacking Apps differs from other programs of this type in that you can connect to certain closed Wi-Fi networks.

This functionality is enabled by the presence of vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) technology that connects a user’s device to a router without requiring a password from a wireless network.

It should be noted that this program functionality does not apply to all password-protected Wi-Fi networks. Some routers are less vulnerable than others, and access to them is not that easy.

The described ability of the application to connect the device to vulnerable networks is not only useful for users looking for access to a closed Wi-Fi network, but also for people who want to test their networks against hackers.

How to find out how reliable your personal router is ? A password generator is available in WiFi Warden, which increases protection against unwanted connections.

If the password is lost, the program can restore it. The app also improves the security of the Wi-Fi network by protecting the router from PIN code leaks that could be organized by cyber criminals.

You can not only Download WiFi Warden at the moment on a smartphone with the Android operating system, but also on the Windows platform.

The app runs from the phone and from a laptop and tablet. You don’t need any special knowledge to use this program: thanks to the practical interface of the application, anyone can easily find the information that interests them.

When installing WiFi Warden on Android, you should note that the program only works with versions 4.0.0 and higher of the operating system.

AndroDumpper WiFi Hacking Apps

AndroDumpper is an application for devices that run on the Android platform as WiFi Hacking Apps. Officially, the user is expected to review the vulnerabilities of Wi-Fi Protect Setup (WPS) technology on their wireless Wi-Fi network.

This security setting introduces automatic encryption of a wireless network whose password can easily be hacked by various hacking programs. You should understand that you can only fully protect a Wi-Fi network from hacking if the WPS technology is completely separated.

To check your personal router’s vulnerability to hacking, you can download AndroDumpper to your gadget for free and try to decrypt a password from your own network. The application is easy to use, the process of working with it is as automated as possible for the user.

Checking the reliability of your router is not the only functionality that is provided by the AndroDumpper application. A useful feature of this program is that you could connect a user’s device to a closed wireless Wi-Fi network due to a vulnerability in the WPS installation.

Note that this function does not work in all cases. As a result, routers without a fixed PIN code cannot be hacked by the program, and some routers also have a lower vulnerability in their security settings than others, making them more difficult to access.

In order to crack someone else’s router password, you have to perform a minimum number of actions: Select the desired network from the list and after a short wait enter the PIN code that was displayed by the router during the process successful.


  • Checking the reliability of your router is not the only functionality that is provided by the AndroDumpper application.
  • You can connect a user’s device to a closed wireless Wi-Fi network due to a vulnerability in the WPS installation. Note that this function does not work in all cases. As a result, routers without a fixed PIN cannot be hacked by the program, and some routers also have a lower vulnerability in their security settings than others, making them more difficult to access.
  • In order to crack another user’s router password, you have to perform a minimum number of actions: Select the desired network from the list and after a short wait enter the PIN code displayed by the router during the successful process.

Windows programs for hacking WiFi


It Identifies devices from a number of visible routers and retrieves information, especially data from the wireless network. After defining the range of external IP addresses, the program begins entering these addresses using standard login / password combinations, e.g.

For example: Adminadmin, admin12345. If the password is not changed, the program has access to the router software. Uses the WPS vulnerability. Dumpper is a free program for hacking WiFi. It’s not a panacea, but if the owner of the router isn’t sure, it works 100%.

Dumpper is a free, portable software that focuses on managing wireless networks in the Windows operating system. It has a variety of features that are useful for both an experienced IT technician and the average Wi-Fi user.

With the application you can scan and determine the PIN code of a router. This is also useful for people who have forgotten or lost their router’s password. It is one of the most popular applications that you can use to connect to a closed network.

The principle of operation of programs that can interrupt a Wi-Fi network is that the application starts a vulnerability scan in WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) technology. This secure installation simplifies the configuration of a wireless network for a user by automatically setting the encryption.

Many routers with WPS technology are vulnerable to hacking, even if they have a strong password. This is what the special programs that can manage wireless networks use. They identify weaknesses in the WPS installation and connect the user’s device to the desired wireless network.

Download the dumper program and similar applications (WiFi Warden or WiFi Killon Android OS, WiFi Map Pro on iOS) in a few minutes.


  • This type of software is useful for both users who want to decrypt a password for a wireless network and for owners of Wi-Fi to check the protection level of their router from this type of hacking.
  • These applications generally provide several ways to test a user’s personal network for vulnerabilities in the WPS protocol. The only way to protect your Wi-Fi network from intruders is to disable WPS technology completely. However, not all routers and firmware offer this functionality.
  • Of particular note is the Dumpper Jumpstart app. Basically, there are two programs, the use of which, together with the largest guarantee, enables the breakdown of a closed Wi-Fi network.
  • Dumpper is responsible for finding the PIN for the desired connection. A jump start is required to start the network connection process using the PIN code found. The Dumpper Jumpstart app combines the two programs described and is available free of charge.


The “WiCrack” program is a special action algorithm that breaks password-protected Wi-Fi connections. In other words, this software automatically selects passwords for closed Wi-Fi networks.

WiCrack functions:

  • A sniffer who collects and analyzes packets for the upcoming hack;
  • Brute force keys that can be used to select the password directly for the packets received.

It is absolutely obvious that instead of the two previously required programs (selector and sniffer), downloading “WiCrack” is sufficient by combining the functions of both programs.

The interface used in this software is original, simple and intuitive. The patch “OdnoBot” is also included in the distribution, with which you can install add-ons and full version updates. However, if the download from the official website is absolutely free, you can only patch the program after the first Wi-Fi hack, which only takes a few minutes.

How to Use WiCrack to access a Wi-Fi

  • Download the program archive with the drivers and a dictionary with probable passwords and unzip it. In addition to the information given there, there is an illustrated instruction with a detailed action algorithm and a video with the hacking process.
  • Run “WiCrack” from the “exe” file and then write the command in the opened window from the instruction under the link with the name “Password selection”.
  • Press the Enter key. With this command you can save the possible options in an isolated “sar” file, which is located in the folder with the program.
  • Select this file in the “WiCrack” window after switching to the “Import” tab.
  • Press “Start” and the hacking process will start. The process itself is based on the interception of data packets, their checking and analysis. If the information received matches the key, the desired password is displayed in the program window.
  • Any Wi-Fi network can be easily hacked and the process itself does not require any specific knowledge. Simply activate the WiCrack program and follow the simplest steps to get the correct access password. At the same time, the probability of a hack being detected is close to zero.

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