9 Things You Must Do After You Publish Your Blog Post

9 Things You Must Do After You Publish Your Blog Post | Want to Grow Your Blog With Every Blog Post? This Post is For You Then. Click Through to Read Must Do Things To Your Blog Post To Market Your Blog + Biz!

Awright! So you published a well researched and well crafted blog post. Now what?

Creating blog posts consistently is one of the sure shot way to finding a success with your blog. But people also need to know that you recently published that high quality and unique post that they can benefit from.

It’s just like you organized a party and now you have to send an invite to everyone to come check it out.

So, what do you do next? Here are 9 things you must do after you publish your blog post to get the word out.

Send it out to your Subscribers List.

Who do you tell something exciting happening in your life?

Obviously, to people who love you and want to hear from you. Similarly, in the blogging world, subscribers to your newsletter signed up to your newsletter because they want to hear from you.

Send out a newsletter to your email list promoting your new blog post. Let them know why they should read it, and how they can benefit. Send a little excerpt so that they can come visit your blog to read the rest of the post.

I send out a series of emails to my subscribers every week. I make sure I have a helpful resource for them to explore when they visit my blog.

Need Help with Building an Email List? Optinmonster helps build an email list in non intrusive way. It allows converting your abandoning visitors into email subscribers by letting you create professionally designed optin forms

Pin your Image Post on Pinterest

As soon as I publish my blog post, I pin the main image in my blog post to Pinterest.

As I mentioned, you should have an accompanying image with your blog post. That image is going to be pinned to your personal board. Now that it has been pinned, it is going to be seen by my followers in their feed.

This is a great way to introduce your new blog post to your Pinterest followers.

Pin to relevant Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest Group Boards are gaining popularity more than ever. If you are not member of any such boards, make sure to find some good ones related to your niche. Try searching pingroupie.com to find relevant group boards in your niche.

These group boards are a great way to get the exposure to your blog. Even if you just started as a new blogger you will be able to get great exposure to your new blog. Just make sure that you are creating gorgeous attention grabbing images.

You can pin to these group boards manually or use a scheduler to schedule pins at different times of the day and week. I use Tailwind to schedule my pins. Since starting to use Tailwind, I have seen tremendous growth in traffic to my blog.

With Tailwind, I can schedule my pins as well pins from other bloggers. I try to schedule close to 50 pins per day, but you can do more or less. Besides using the scheduler, you can pin images manually any time of the day and find some great content.

Share on your Facebook Page

I make it a point to announce my new blog post on my Facebook page. Although there is not much engagement on Facebook page, but there may be a few fans that might check out your blog post. They may not interact on your page, but might find your new content interesting and share further to their friends.

Promote and Share on Facebook Group

Facebook groups have become what forums used to be few years ago. This is where major interaction happens. A good alternative to Facebook page, Facebook Groups are all about supporting and helping fellow bloggers.

Some Facebook groups are more popular than others. There are different promo days on these groups that you can promote your blog post on.

There are many schedulers that you can use to schedule Facebook updates on pages and groups, but I have noticed when you update Facebook status manually, then it shows the reach to your audience. If done through scheduler, the reach is close to none.

Tweet about it and Tweet some more

Twitter has been one of the game changers for bloggers in the recent years. I tweet my blog post sometime after I publish it. Then I tweet a few more time the same day. I tweet it over the period of few weeks every few days. I do make sure that I make an update with different message every time.

Check out this infographic by Dan Zarrella (@danzarrella) on the best timings to update on Twitter and Facebook:

You can do it manually or use a scheduler to do that. I love to use Hootsuite to schedule and send out my tweets. I can schedule one tweet at a time or schedule them in bulk for different days of the week. You can use it for FREE or buy the membership at $10 per month to enjoy the enhanced features of this scheduler.

Other similar schedulers are Co-Schedule and Buffer.

Stumble Upon and Reddit

Stumble Upon and Reddit are some of the popular social media sites where people from variety of background hang out. If your content becomes popular on these networks, get ready to receive huge variety of traffic.

But make sure to stumble and reddit other’s content also. These networks frown upon just bookmarking your own sites, and won’t send any traffic your way.

To stumble, simply click on the “thumbs up” on the top of the stumbled page. For reddit, you can “up vote” when you like the content over there.

Respond to comments

Responding to comments on your blog post encourages your readers to come back and follow your blog. It is a great way to build community and make friendships. Your readers feel valued when you respond to their questions, feedback or regular comments, especially if you address them by their names.


Quora is a question answer site where people can ask questions related to any topic. Community members can answer those questions. After I publish a new blog post, I visit Quora and answer 5 – 7 answers related to my niche.

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So, there you go! My routine after I publish any blog post! What’s your routine like? What do you do after you publish your blog post?

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